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Pui's Thai Tapas

Palos de la Frontera

100% Authentic

Thai Restaurant


The best Thai restaurant in Spain

The original of Pui's Thai Tapas. 

Enjoy great, diverse, unusual food in a relaxed atmosphere!...


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Pui’s Thai Tapas is an authentic Thai restaurant located in Madrid. Our aim is to break molds by introducing a whole new concept into the city’s culinary panorama.

Try our all-day-long Thai delicacies, provided by our experienced and talented Thai chef Pui.

Enjoy great, diverse, unusual food in a relaxed atmosphere!

A normal day at Pui’s…


"100% Authentic Thai"

In 2010, chef Pui landed in Spain, with all the culinary experience of Thailand, his country of origin. He established “Pui’s Thai Tapas” restaurant in Madrid with 100% authentic Thai, with traditional recipes of the typical Thai street food and using ingredients brought directly from Thailand.

Chef Pui, due to his constant contact with Thailand, continues improving his recipes of traditional Thai dishes and winning awards in his restaurant year after year.

chef team in the kitchen


picture of chef Pui

Chef Pui




Pui Thai Tapas Logo
Pui Thai Tapas Logo
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